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Doctor Pheelgud Phixwright

Sagacity's Resident Perverted Psychological Specialist

phixwright.jpgThe illustrious specialist, Doctor Pheelgud Phixwright, brings to our world a wealth of experience based on his many years of practice regarding the care and maintenance of slaves and submissives. Dr. Phixwright has recently re-located to British Columbia. In the past he has lived in Europe, the United States, and parts of Asia. He is very familiar with many of the more refined corporal arts. He has been a welcome guest speaker at many events around the world, and has published many books in several languages. His credentials include several doctorates from the Advanced Fellowship University of Redding. He is an esteemed alumnus of the Waterloo Institute of Technology and the Cucamonga School of Polytechnic Initiatives.

Dr. Phixwright is retired from public practice but has agreed to offer general advice regarding the attitudinal issues that afflict slaves and submissives. Please feel free to send in your questions.

Time Disease
Time Disease Health Advisory
The Doctor Returns!
I am very pleased to say that Dr. Pheelgud Phixwright has returned to Sagacity.
Invasion of the Blobs!
Many of you know that I truly enjoy the hobby of container gardening.
Don’t Be The Next Horror Story
It looks like the ravages of winter have finally left our fair land. What a winter it was!
Lessons From Mother Nature
Winter provides most of us time for reflection.
The Malaise of Dog Talking
It seems that a very few of our delightful submissives have a tendency to dog talk.
Orgasms on Command
As I was enjoying the morning sunrise this fine summer’s day, a rather persistent knock was heard at my door.
A Community Health Advisory
There are sporadic reports of an outbreak in our community I suggest everyone take very, very seriously.
This week’s mail contained an interesting letter regarding “trophies.”
The Closet
Every now and then we are confronted with the issue of coming out of the closet with our delightful kink.
It is the character, not the toy.
Last week’s mail contained a lovely letter from a most charming slave.
Finding that “right” partner
Many Masters are analytical creatures by nature.
Rites of Spring
Spring is with us once again and Summer is soon to follow.
Thoughts for Spring
The Spring season is upon us here in our enchanted Lotus Land.
Why Slaves are Superior Women
The Dominant readily accepts that the slave or submissive is truly an exceptional woman to be cherished and cared for like no other.