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About Sagacity

Welcome to Sagacity Alternative Lifestyle Society


Sagacity: (noun) (15th century): the quality of being sagacious.

Sagacious: (adj) [Latin sagac-, sagax; French sagire, to perceive keenly; akin to the Latin sagus (prophetic)] (1607) 1. keen in sense perception; 2. (a) of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment (i.e., discerning in character judgment); (b) caused by or indicating acute discernment.

Synonyms include: judicious, wise, intelligent, sensible, rational, discerning, discriminating, sharp, understanding.


The Sagacity Mission Statement: Sagacity supports the exploration of BDSM, DS, and alternative lifestyles.

Sagacity meets regularly, and hosts play parties and other pansexual events. Visit our Events section for more details. Contact us for more information about us or our events.

For answers to many questions about Sagacity please review our FAQ.

Sagacity History

When originally founded in October 2000, Sagacity was called the Submissive Sagacity Support Society and consisted of seven submissives getting together to share experiences. Over time, our membership has evolved to include Dom/mes, subs, slaves, tops, and bottoms, hence the name shortening to just plain "Sagacity" in January 2001. Sagacity has grown from eight nervous members into a successful, well-respected organization that has met and shaken hands with over 575 kinksters. Our website has welcomed and added over 800 members and it grows every day. In May 2005 Sagacity Alternative Lifestyle Society became a duly registered society in the province of British Columbia.

Sagacity is fortunate to have spawned several sister organizations, here and in the United States. We have an extensive network of kink-friendly people scattered all over Canada and the world that are always willing to provide info and/or help to Sagacity folks when they travel.

Joining Sagacity

Sagacity welcomes everyone who is respectful and open-minded (visit our etiquette page for basic rules). There are no membership dues. You show your commitment through your participation in events, meetings, and the background work that makes this society a success.

Sagacity is promoted by its associates, talked about to friends, and celebrated as a place we can all be who we really want to be. You can be proud to say that you live in Victoria and that you are a Sagacite! Get involved. Ask us how you can help.

Donating to Sagacity

Sagacity has grown with the generosity of its contributors, benefitting from their labour and their gifts. We would be pleased if you would like to donate to Sagacity in any way. Contact Ladyfish to discuss details, and review our donation policy.

Our organization is growing, our parties and workshops are getting bigger and better, but we remain:


Sagacity...the antithesis of exclusivity