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Sagacity in the News

Sagacity is often reviewed in the local press and receives other media attention from time to time. We keep copies of some articles here. If you know of something that is not here, please contact us and let us know.

Monday Magazine, April 2003

Monday Magazine, August 2003

Bondage 101, October 2003

And this article appeared in ABC News, not about Sagacity, but about BDSM going mainstream.

Sagacity has always had a felicitous relationship with Victoria's Monday Magazine, and this article about our Domlander competition appeared in March of 2006.

In May of 2007, the Victoria Times-Colonist did an article on James Bond that felicitously coincided with our James Bondage fetish dance.

Fetishism does not lead to violence, June 2007 - Many Sagacity members wrote letters to the Times-Colonist editor in response to a poorly worded article linking fetish and violence.

Monday Magazine, November 7, 2007, once again wrote about Sagacity's Birthday Bash.

Ladyfish (and "a handful of local luminaries") wrote about her favourite and least favourite Christmas presents in this Dec. 19, 2007 Monday Magazine article.

Letter to the editor 2008/04/08, sent by Ladyfish and Fisherman on behalf of Sagacity about an issue before the Human Rights Tribunal.

November 3, 2010: We're on the front page of Monday Magazine! Finally, 15 minutes of fame. This article was the first done by Danielle Pope (while John Threlfall was editor at Monday) for Sagacity's 10th anniversary Birthday Bash.

Ladyfish is interviewed in February 2011 by Danielle Pope of the Canadian University Press for an article about Fantasy. (local copy of the article)

March 22 and 23, 2011 Domlander hits the news again, this time in both the Times Colonist and Monday Mag. I think this is the first time ever we've officially been in the TC - Ladyfish hits the big time!

October 2014 The firing of radio personality Jian Ghomeshi from the CBC in October 2014 highlighted how BDSM interacts with the broader community. Ladyfish was interviewed on radio about how we fit in, and Fisherman comments.

March 20, 2015 What else but Domlander again. This time Sagacity hits the front page of the TC Lifestyle section the day before the show. Adrian Chamberlain reviewed kink in Victoria in his article The Kinks Are All Right. (Local Copy)


If you know of other BDSM news links, let us know.