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Monday Magazine - 2003/04/03

Monday Magazine Article - Domlander - 3 April 2003
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That's Mr. Domlander to you
Monday Magazine
03 April 2003

Although we're sure this isn't what Ben Stiller had in mind when he made Zoolander, the kinky crowd at Sagacity will be putting their own spin on things when they (ahem) mount Domlander from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. this Saturday night. Billed as an "open fetish fashion competition", players with the right style, panache and look can compete for the title of His and Hers Domlander 2003 and possibly win a saucy boat cruise for two to the aptly-named Flogger's Cove. But the fashion event is just the start of the evening; after that, participants can turn to a 3,000-square-foot play party featuring equipment provided by Rascal Productions (as seen in the recent movie BDSM: Alternative Loving and in Kink). And at just $15, it's worth it just to check out the outfits! For more information, click on