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The Show

Domlander - An Outrageous Fetish Show and Competition

The Panache, The Style, The Look! outrageous fetish competition open to Tops, bottoms, Doms, subs, and slaves! Pick your song, pick your outfit, pick your props, pick your moves, and then hit the runway!

 Entry is free, and anyone can enter (actual contestants get in free, "people props" are required to purchase a ticket at a 50% discount).

Domlander calls for some very special judges...and Domlander 2016 has put together an amazing panel of judges that are totally SO HOT right now! This year's deciders of who will walk down the runway with the coveted title of Mr. or Ms. Domlander 2016 include :

Ms. Beverley of Vancouver, long-time member of Sagacity and our Head Judge since Domlander I

Ian Ferguson...award-winning and bestselling writer and humorist, he directs movies and television shows (check out Broad Theatrics), and also the live improvised serial Sin City every Tuesday night at the Victoria Event Centre. You should go. It's really funny. His idea of kink is how his back feels when he gets out of bed in the morning and is sore from sleeping!

Mia...owner of TellMia and Rose & Thorn Productions and full-time active local kinkster

Lord Mykel...Owner of Pocket Universe Music and Owner/Trainer of Ponygirl Blaze, IPPC 2015 Champions

Grizzdan from Seattle...a long time member of the Seattle kink community, Co-Founder of Seattle Whip Enthusiast Group, and past Board Member of the CSPC.

Competitors will be judged in five categories that include:


  • Originality,
  • Performance,
  • Attitude and Stage Presence,
  • Outrageousness
  • The "Sagacity Look."


To really get a feel for what will take the coveted crown home, be sure to rent and watch our Domlander namesake movie, Zoolander. Remember...the song you pick is very important and should be the foundation of your performance. Find a song, get a picture in your mind, and then use the song and your skills to tell a story. The more vanilla the song, the more delightful the perversion (and the more likely you are to impress the judges). People "props" are welcome!

Here's how it works... each competitor (or team) gets +/-5 minutes on the runway to strut their stuff, wow the audience, and impress the judges. Ties will be broken by a walk-off, where the audience response determines the winner.


And as if the Domlander Compeition isn't enough...Sagacity will also be offering the Mr. & Ms. Domlander 2016 People's Choice crowns *AND* the Amateur Just-Get-Up-And-Wow-The-Crowd-With-The-Look crown.

Have you got "The Look"?

Sign up now and set the Dominant fashion standards for 2016!


"I caught my reflection in a spoon at the cafeteria, and I remember thinking Wow, you are ridiculously good-looking. Maybe you can do that for a career.?"--Derek Zoolander