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The Contestants

Domlander - You Could Be The Winning Contestant!

The most fun you can have - be a contestant!

You'll enjoy yourself most as a contestant*.

Join the fun and show us your best *look* on the stage at Domlander.

You'll be judged on 5 points: Originality, Outrageousness, Performance, Presence, and "The Look."

Music for your competition can run from 2-6 minutes. It is your responsibility to find your music and at least 5 days proir to the event.

A tech rehearsal will be held on Saturday, March 5 from 11:00-2:00 PM. It is in your best interest to try and attend. It will be your only opportunity to do a run-through with the tech crew and the producer and familiarize yourself with the stage and runway.

    All competitors must complete the attached form with:

    • your scene name,
    • your gender (for this performance),
    • a description of your performance including how many "people props" and/or other types of props you'll be using
    • the title and length of your music,
    • your e-mail address,
    • a phone number where you can be reached and what time(s) you can take a call.

    *Note that each competitor is provided with free admission to the event. If a competitor is using "people props" they are required to pay half-price admission ($17.50) per person. This is due and payable at the dress rehearsal on the 5th.