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The Prizes

This year Domlander goes crazy with winners! Not only will we crown our Mr. & Ms. Domlander titleholders but we'll also be placing crowns on the heads of Mr. & Ms. People's Choice Domlander *and* the Domlander 2016 Amateur winner! So many good-looking many good-looking many chances to win!

The Prizes

The winners of Sagacity of Victoria's Mr. & Ms. Domlander 2016 Titles will each receive a prize package in excess of $1000. Prizes have yet to be announced, but last year's Mr. and Mrs. Domlander walked away with:



The People's Choice Prizes

The winners of Sagacity of Victoria's People's Choice Mr. & Ms. Domlander 2015 titles will each receive:

The Amateur Just-Get-Up-And-Wow-The-Crowd-With-The-Look Prizes

The winner (and yup...there's only ONE winner) of Sagacity of Victoria's Domlander 2015 Amateur title will receive:

You can also be sure this will be a memorable year for you in your BDSM career...we can't guarantee any endorsement deals...ask your agent about that!