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The Look

The Domlander "Look" - The Crux of the Judging

Get the Domlander Look!

Every successful model has a trademark look, and the Domlander judges will be looking for your "Domlander look." Watching Zoolander a few times will help you get an idea of what your own look can be.

We all get maybe just a bit hung up on the typical BDSM and fetish event dress codes - at Domlander, the contestants define and rewrite fetish rules and attitudes.

It's all about attitude, panache, style, and maybe even bribing the judges. This is an evening where just about anything goes in terms of costume and performance. The wilder the performance, the higher your score. Pick your music and then turn it into Domlander performance art. Relax, just do it...



"If I have a day off I'll spend four to nine hours in front of the mirror, trying just a tilt of the head or a furrow of my eyelash. I mean my body, my face are my tools."--Derek Zoolander