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Domlander Paparazzi

With a show the magnitude of Domlander 2016 hitting the runway, how could anyone imagine there wouldn't be paparazzi on hand?!

Sagacity is delighted to open the door to the amazing photographic abilities of Colin White as he works the runway to capture the very essence of Domlander and our amazing fashion mavens...capturing The Look, The Style, The Panache of all our competitors as they stroll down the runway in hopes of winning the coveted Mr. or Ms. Domlander 2015 crowns!

In a week or so following the show, all photographs will be catagorized according to competitor and forwarded on to those folks that walked the runway. Just one more reason why being part of Domlander is being part of History!

Pop over here for a sneak peek at some of the H O T work that our Mr. Paparazzi has done previously...


Photography by Colin White