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The History

Domlander was created in the early years of Sagacity as a Fun Fetish spoof and competition based on the movie Zoolander. It has grown to be an open, fun, event that provides many Victorian's with their first glimpse at the lighter side of Kink and BDSM.

Mr and Ms. Domlander Titleholders Through the Years and Their Music Choice

Domlander 2003 – Luxton Hall

Master Carpenter (winner in a walk-off with Harrison Perfect) – “If I Had A Hammer

Queen Akasha

Domlander 2004 – Luxton Hall

Doctor Frankensteen – “Puttin’ On The Ritz

Bo Peep, Mistress of Flogged Sheep – “Just A Little Girl

Domlander 2005 – Luxton Hall

Derek Becomes A Dom – “Eye of The Tiger

Lady Luscious – “Beat It

Domlander 2006 – Traveller’s Inn

Ted the Kinky Kowboy – “I Wanna Be A Cowboy

Madamme Cherie Vanilla – “Beautiful People

Domlander 2007 – Victoria Event Centre

Jeff Jism – “Jeff the Muff Diver

Charlie VooDoo – “Cosmic Girl

Domlander 2008 – Victoria Event Centre

Sir Struttin’ – “Master and Servant

Charlie VooDoo – “She Wants Revenge

Domlander 2009 – Victoria Event Centre

The Fireman – “I’m On Fire

Madam DeVille (winner in a walk-off with Lady Centaur) – “I Wanna Be Your Dog

Domlander 2010 – Victoria Event Centre

Mime and Punishment (winner in a walk-off with Senor Leaky) Music Compilation

Captain Jamesette T. Squirt – “Baby Got Back

Domlander 2011 - Victoria Event Centre

Rough Trade - "High School Confidential"

MISSter Secksey - "I'm Too Sexy"

Domlander 2012 - Victoria Event Centre

Fuzzy Wuzzy - "Teddy Bear Picnic" & "Who’s Your Daddy"

Morning Glory - "Angel of the Morning" &*"Give It To Me, Baby"

Domlander 2013 - Victoria Event Centre

Dr. Jackie & Ms. Hyde - "Bill Nye the Science Guy"

Old Man Pepperidge - "Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now" & "Skrillex"

Domlander 2014 - Victoria Event Centre

The Evil Scotsman - "The Evil Scotsman"

Villianess Uberhappy - "Goldfinger"

Domlander 2014 1st Annual People's Choice Winners

Gurlgonwild - "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch"

Genteel Damsel - "Looks Like A Lady"

Domlander 2015 - Victoria Event Centre?

Your name goes here! Join the fun and show us and the audience what you can do to win the coveted crown (and tacky sash)