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Whatta Wish

Tell us something that you have secretly wished you could try but haven't. Explain why you haven't.
Because no one has offered yet!
A programmable, remote control vibrating egg.
Because it has not been built yet!
To be able to come "on command" - from his voice only, no touching. (OR a pony!)
It's time sensitive; to make the association of his voice with orgasm, without physical touching, is very hard. (It would be hard to keep a pony a secret from my apartment manager)
To tie Ladyfish to the mast of their boat and do nasty things to her until she is a quivering mass, begging to be cut loose.
I haven't because pay back is a bitch!
To conduct a fireplay workshop with hands on training by everyone in attendance.
Good question - not enough fire extinguishers?
To leave my wife tied naked to a wooden straight backed chair until I'm ready to release her. (A long time)
Because we don't have a wooden straight backed chair and she keeps getting loose.
To have my own ponygirl farm.
I haven't won the lottery yet.
I wish to travel to Japan to meet wonderful Japanese people and learn to tie them up. Six months or so of direct tutelage from a master of the art would be wonderful.
Watching Fish with a strap-on mount Fisherman.
Still waiting for the opportunity to get the harness and attachments fitted to her.
My greatest wish so far is to melt into the arms of the one I love after a hard day of work, he gently kisses me up and down my neck as he slides a blindfold over my face and places restraints on my wrists. He leads me into the living room where I hear many voices, and begin to feel many hands all over me. I start to recognize some of the voices as some of my special Sagacity friends. More hands caressing me and arousing me as I squirm all over the floor. My clothes are torn off me and everyone joins in all together.
Beats the hell out of me why I haven't done it yet!