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Three Wrongs

List 3 things you can't stand a play partner to do and why. (Considering the number of responses per person, you would think the instruction read "List approximately 3 things...")
  • Offer suggestions in the middle of play. Play partner watching the crowd to see who's watching.
  • Lie to me. I require sincere honesty from everyone who plays with me and my submissive. Lie to themselves. If people aren't honest with themselves, they can't be honest with me. See Point #1.
  • "Premature Domination", I call it. Forcing the scene too quickly. Without warm-up and preliminary play, it is very difficult to just let go and become involved. Adopting a lofty attitude. Cockiness and know-it-all behaviour totally turns me off and tosses my interest in submission right out the door. I don't compete with ego. Allow themselves to be sidetracked by other scenes, people, etc. I am being asked to give my "all"....I expect nothing less from my play partner. If they find other things more entertaining during our scene then they are obviously playing with the wrong person. One more: thong underwear that keeps getting lost in the wrong places.
  • Excusing bad behaviour after a scene by claiming "I'm only a submissive so no wasn't an option"
  • Overestimating her abilities: "I don't have any limits" (cute smile, innocent look).
  • Lack of attention to the scene; again, this can be dangerous, people can get hurt.
  • Rushing. Not enough aftercare.
  • Tying me up too loosely (half-heartedly) so I can get out too easily - I can't pretend! Playing to the audience/observers rather than paying attention to me.
  • Figure out how to get herself out of my bindings. It's a challenge to my Cub-Scout knot badge award. Tell me, "That's not how my previous Master did it." I'm me. Admire the floral pattern on the ceiling of my bedroom. She's not paying attention.
  • Macho masochist - the sub who refuses to use a safeword because they are "tough". This can lead to serious injury and/or emotional/psychological harm. I don't want to harm you...just hurt you. SAMmy (smart-assed masochist). The phrase "you hit like a girl" could lead to a problem. Or at least a lot of fun. Topping from the bottom. I've been doing this for a long enough time, I don't need to be told what hard. Use a safeword if you are in trouble.
  • Pinching my tushie (I'm a sensitive guy, it hurts the bruises). Getting the lube in my eyes.
  • Topping from the bottom. Submissives who forget their place. It becomes very tiring to constantly have to remind them (and can be extremely painful for the submissive). Crossing lines that were never discussed, they just assume. I find that betrays all trust established to that point.
  • Keep secrets, like asthma. Most things can be worked around and no one needs rude surprises. To take for granted that the new top knows all about what works. It may not be romantic, but nothing replaces negotiation.
  • Tickle me and refuse to stop. Keep hurting me past my ability to handle it. Criticize what I am doing to them as a top after I've done my damndest to create a good scene for them.
  • I don't like it when someone who bottoms to me doesn't tell me any (OK, all) potential medical issues, due to safety reasons. I don't like it when a play partner doesn't communicate all desires and/or limits until after the scene is over. I dislike when a top claims to be comfortable with something that I desire, but they're not.
  • Stay quiet when they're having a problem. Dismiss safety concerns. Lie.
  • Lack of attention to detail. When specific behaviours or gestures are expected (and why they are is explained, of course) and not shown, it implies disrespect. Tardiness. If I am on time and my partner isn't. Why should I put in the conscious effort, when they aren't? Inability to communicate. It is imperative to relate concerns, pains, and emotional stress. Neither partner knows what is going on if nothing is said.
  • Stopping when I am just getting warmed up, because I don't get to fly. Hearing them say "oops", then laughing hysterically. Just a totally bad thing to hear!
  • Hit me incorrectly. Not dominant enough (not able to take control). The manly "Oh, I can take it" submissive.
  • I can't stand to have my nipples pinched tightly or scratched. They're way too sensitive and if they are over-handled, I'll react in a nasty manner. Hinting at good things to come and not following through, I love to anticipate, so get very disappointed when let down. I hate it when my partner displays me in an unflattering manner. If I am made to feel unattractive there's NO WAY I can enjoy whatever else is going on. In fact, I'll probably cry.