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Say It Ain't So

List two things you will never see at a Sagacity party. (Again, Sagacityites are having trouble with the concept of providing only the number of responses stated in the instruction. So, responses are listed in a simple list, not in pairs.)
  • The colours of a gang related religion.
  • An excrement party.
  • Most animals, sheep are okay though.
  • A donkey act.
  • Sheep.
  • A coke bottle without a handle.
  • The Vienna Boys Choir.
  • The Premier, as I won't let him in.
  • 20 slaves and 30 gallons of axle grease.
  • Scat play.
  • Castration.
  • Me completely clothed by the end of the night.
  • You will never see someone sitting in the corner bored and knitting mittens.
  • Knitting lessons.
  • The D.J. playing Englebert Humperdink and Ton Jones music.
  • My Mom!
  • People having a lousy time!
  • The Premier presenting a ceremonial flogger to the owner of the tightest ass in the room.
  • Large screen projection TV showing the sound of music. Wait a sec! Nazis, uniforms, maybe it would work.
  • A complete switch of roles, where Tops become bottoms and bottoms top their own Tops, all inclusive. In tutus!
  • A diaper party, ewwwww!
  • The Pope.
  • A showing of Elmo In Grouchland.
  • Vanilla sex.
  • Caterers.
  • An arrest/take down scene for real, that evolves into playing. (pity!)
  • Surgical play. (removal of unnecessary body parts and/or organs.
  • Barbed wire floggers, necrophilia, bestiality, Roseanne Barr in leather and spandex.
  • Play that causes permanent body damage.
  • Unattended subs in restraints or rope suspension, and something going terribly wrong.
  • Rigid, judgmental, intolerant bashers.
  • People under the influence, playing.
  • Snow White and she's not biting an apple.
  • Her dwarfs climbing the spanking bench to participate with, and they all have weird smiles.
  • My ex fiancĂ©e - The Missionary Man.
  • Two virgins romping through a field - and not doing anything to change their virgin state.