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Secret Fantasy

Describe the secret fantasy scene you would most like to be involved in at a Sagacity play party. (note: the original question also asked "Who are the players and what are they doing". This was left out to protect the privacy of the guilty parties. You know who you are ...)
  • After a real good rub with oil, slowly start in the middle of a lady's body working clock and counter-clockwise with your lips, tongue, teeth and fingers. She is not able to move too much, bound by the wrists and ankles only. By the time you are finished, she should be very relaxed.
  • At a public event, I want to be at the mercy of Her Devine Shadow in her full regalia.
  • A jail cell interrogation. I'll be dressed as the guard and interrogator. Several prisoners of both genders are held in the cell, and they will be taken and forced to confess. The safeword is "I confess". The interrogation is held in a rolling office style chair, complete with restraints, blindfolds, leg irons, handcuffs and waist chains.
  • I arrive at the party, suspecting nothing. The scene begins with my being grabbed from behind, being thrown up against a wall, a blade at my throat as I receive a long deep kiss. A blindfold is placed over my eyes as the knife is replaced by a hand against my throat, holding firmly yet not blocking my breathing. The knife trails down my body, cutting through my clothing, leaving me held naked against the wall as the knife continues to move across my flesh. I am suddenly turned, and secured to some device, a cross maybe, and flogging begins. from here, who knows what will happen...
  • First, a whipping until I bleed, to calm me down and for focus, submission. Then, oh jeez, foursome (or more), two men, two women. I am one of the four, of course. Everyone is bi and we run through all of the permutations, m/f, f/f, m/m, with everyone else watching,
  • A D/s Olympics, with judged flogging, awards for prettiest needles and loudest screams.
  • I would enjoy being a white-slaver who has more than ten slave-girls to auction to the highest bidder. One by one, I would place each of my nude slaves on the block, describe each of their qualities in detail and put them through their paces. Everything would go well, except for a show of reluctance on the part of "Jen". The result of "Jen's" disobedience would be a public paddling on her bare bottom. After paddling her bare bottom, I decide that I will make her my own, and take her off the market.
  • I would like to be blindfolded, gagged, bound with my arms and legs spread. I hear my Master's voice murmur in my ear as I feel a set of fingernails running down my throat, across my chest, brushing across my nipples. Following the fingernails, I feel hair brush me as someone leans in with a knife, dragging behind her fingernails, with intricate patterns being left in my tender skin.
  • To do a sick and demented scene.
  • I'd like to be standing naked with my eyes closed and two or three people doing sensuous things to me. Stroking me with fire, touching, massage and heavy thuddy flogging.
  • To be kidnapped by a gang of convicts that have escaped from jail. There are four male convicts, and everyone has their way.
  • A school girl night, where I am sent to the office to try to improve my grades.
  • Forced bondage. Captured, hogtied, and Japanese bondage.
  • The room is darkened, everyone is facing the walls, except for the two of us who are fucking like crazed rabbits. Bright lights shine on us, so that we can not see beyond ourselves.
    Slowly, people turn around to face us, watching silently as we screw in every imaginable way, twice. Of course, we are on live video, and the sounds are amplified, everything is displayed on a huge television for all to see.
    Slowly at first, then louder and louder and louder, the crowd chants "fuck her, fuck her". Just as we come, the doors burst open, the police barge in, start to beat all of the spectators, but slip on the come covered floor just as a television news crew arrives.
    We sneak out the back door into the parking lot, killing ourselves laughing as an orgy erupts inside.