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Dear Santa

The best present Santa could give me...
  • For Santa to come down off the roof, sneak in my house, tie me up, and give all that I dream of to my Dom, to please him and surprise him with all his dreams and fantasies...To give him a break from life and stress for just one day, then I would like to spoil him and pamper him until he could take no more. Then, get naked and roll around with him until morning.
  • The opportunity to really let go and play without people getting freaked out or stepping in to see if my "victim" is OK. Unless there is serious concern, stay out of the way...I've been very tolerant in the past.
  • World peace! For all my family and friends to get what they desire. And a home stereo system.
  • Simple toys that will nurture the imagination and torture the "inner child" suspension devices, blocks and tackle and ropes...oh my!
  • For the slave who could not answer for herself, "Much time spent in prostrate posture, bound hand and foot, whipped, taken, and left, only to have it all again...and again..."
  • A regular weekly playmate.
  • Five golden rings attached to five naked slaves that would do my bidding for 24 hr or more.
  • Fish for a day.
  • A new car, a vinyl tuxedo, leather, leather and more leather, peace and goodwill to all, 2 weeks to just sleep, a good stiff schtumpf...yeah, that's about it. Thank you, Santa.
  • An incredibly funny, intelligent, sexy, open-minded vivacious young woman, who would be an ideal second sub for my husband and an awesome sister wife for me.
  • A downtown loft, equipped as a dungeon and illicit getaway.
  • Leather chaps and vest, candy instead of coal, two finger floggers, and a nice red bum!!
  • That my kids get happily married (tomorrow) to rich men and live happily ever after...elsewhere!
  • A winning lottery ticket worth many millions of dollars to share with all my family and friends.
  • A whole new attitude...a body to go with it would be nice, but the mental retread would do.
  • A kinky Caribbean cruise in January.
  • A good ride from Santa...or better yet, his 9 reindeer!
  • I can't say. Ladyfish would kill me.