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Victoria's Sagacity Group Gets Official

Victoria, BC, Canada May 9, 2005. The Sagacity Group is pleased to announce the incorporation of your favourite kink organization under the Societies Act of British Columbia as the Sagacity Alternative Lifestyle Society. Sagacity's Constitution says: “The purpose of Sagacity is to provide a safe place for folks who enjoy BDSM, alternative lifestyles, kink and fetish, to gather and talk, laugh, socialize, share, and learn."

Incorporation was prompted by outside pressure to protect the Sagacity name, ensure the continuity of the organization, provide a legal structure under which to operate, and to protect Sagacity's hardest workers, the Core.

Sagacity has a membership restricted to the Directors of the Society, which formalizes the existing structure of what has been recently called the Core, and previously the Star Chamber. This structure also helps keep Sagacites safe from official inquiries into their private lives and identities, and keeps the control of the organization in the hands of active and dedicated members.

"Membership in Sagacity has traditionally been conferred by attendance at a social meeting, and that will continue. Sagacity folk vote with their feet and their attitude. Those who participate, contribute, and want Sagacity to move ahead have been asked to give more than the rest and join the Core. The Core works hard to create the surroundings for those of us who are happy just to come and have fun, socialize, and learn at our events." explained Ladyfish, Director of Sagacity.

Originally a BDSM Support Group, Sagacity actively encourages exploration of new and alternative lifestyles by creating a safe setting in which to learn, and seeks relationships with other organizations with which it can promote positive choices in the mainstream.

"We have connections to the gay and lesbian communities in Victoria, local polyamory groups, and many BDSM and kink organizations on the mainland. Our Ambassador Ladyfish has recently been exploring the possibility of co-operating with groups in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Kamloops, and Vancouver" says Ladyfish's partner, Fisherman.

Sagacity’s incorporation promises to be the next step toward a secure and safe environment and atmosphere for Vancouver Island residents and visitors to explore and enjoy their favourite kink.

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The Sagacity Group of Victoria has been operating in Victoria since 2000. At its inception a support group for submissives, it has grown to encompass not only other aspects of Dominance and Submission, but many other aspects of alternative human relationships. It offers a safe haven for people exploring sensuality, sexuality, and just satisfying their curiosity, by holding public and private events, educational seminars, and operating an extensive community web site with over 800 members.

Sagacity is now an affiliation of more than 500 talented and interesting people from all walks of life, many of whom socialize in public at our regular weekly meetings. Sagacity is entirely volunteer-run and self-sufficient.

Sagacity meets every Tuesday at 8:00pm, upstairs at Westbay Rendezvous at the corner of Head St. and Esquimalt Rd.



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