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A ritual is a consciously designed set of behaviors, designed to evoke certain feelings and experiences that are needed to effect change in one's life. It works on many levels. Ritual influences the subconscious mind. Part of the psyche doesn't know the difference between performing a ritual and actually experiencing an event. When you complete a ritual, you are telling yourself that you have completed whatever you have symbolically enacted.

Rituals are a fundamental necessity in the formalized 24/7 D/s lifestyle. They reinforce control and obedience. They accentuate respect and caring. Rituals also give consistency throughout the day. They externalize the internal and give it form.

Rituals re-affirm, for both partners, that a Total Power Exchange is in effect. They confirm that both the dominant and the submissive are totally dedicated to each other. These daily repetitions of devotion add intensity to the desire to be continually dominant and submissive.

Performed with humility and love, they reinforce the need submissives have to submit. Created through the eyes of control and expectations they confirm the ability to dominate seamlessly throughout the day.

Rituals also fill the space of a day even if it does not include a moment of play or sceneing, without leaving a void for either party. Each dominant will find what works for them and they will discover that, if they have more than one submissive or slave at their feet, customizing their rituals to their personalities will bring them more pleasure and fulfillment.

Beginning and ending the day in rituals with some also interspersed randomly throughout the remainder of the day, always fine tuning and perfecting the beauty and depth with which you are served can be erotic as well as productive with little or no energy being expelled by the dominant.

Formalizing behavior creates a structure of safety, contentment and stability for the submissive while giving the dominant an opportunity to evaluate the progress of the training program. I recommend those in training to practice their rituals even when they are not in the presence of their dominant, for the presentations they will give are one of the building blocks of the foundation that the BDSM relationship will build upon.

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