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Truth or Dare

How to play Truth or Dare, and some questions you can use.

Wikipedia explains that to play Truth or Dare "One player starts the game by asking another player, "Truth or dare?" If the queried player answers, "truth," then the questioning player asks a question, usually embarrassing, of the queried player; otherwise, if the queried player answers, "dare," then the questioning player asks the queried to do something, also usually embarrassing."

In our community this game is often played as an icebreaker, or a challenge to our limits. The game can also be played where players are only asked questions, and if they refuse to answer must submit to a dare.

One of the hardest parts of the game is to think up interesting and fun questions (for Truth) and Dares. Here's a list of questions recently used at a party involving some rather nasty Sagacites. You could either have a moderator read the questions to the player, or print this page and cut them out to be drawn from a jar.

Please add more questions or dares at the bottom using the comments button! Just a thought - perhaps daring someone from Sagacity to strip might be a little tame.


What is the biggest object you have ever inserted into yourself? What is the biggest object somebody else has inserted into you?

When was the last time you looked at someone and just thought about sex? Who was it?

What kind of “toy” have you always wanted to have used but haven’t?

Are you turned on playing this game? (If yes what did it? If not, what could someone tell us right now that would make you instantly “hot”).

Tell us about a specific technique you enjoy/want from a lover performing oral sex on you.

If you could change one physical feature about yourself, what would you change and why?

Describe yourself in five words

What quality about the person sitting to your right do you dislike the most? What quality about them do you like the best?

Have you ever fantasized about anyone in this room? If so, who and what is the fantasy?

What was the worst thing you ever did to get fired from a job? Or, what is the worst thing you did before quitting a job?

Have you ever snuck around to watch someone in the bathroom? Why?

There was a giant explosion. You and 2 other people of the same sex survived. Who would you want them to be, and why?

Which relationship appeals to you more, a wild passionate one, or a quiet calm one? Why?

What is your most romantic memory?

Which famous couple throughout history would you like to be a part of? Why?

What is your favorite thing to lick? Show us with actions!

What is your most favorite fetish? Why?

Have you ever used a flavored condom? Describe the experience.

Has anyone ever told you to stop during sex? What was the reason?

What is your biggest pet peeve, having to do with a girl/boyfriend?

What is something you regret doing in school? What would you have done differently?

What is the stupidest thing you've done of your own free will?

It you were the opposite sex for one hour, what would you do?

If you are a female, which male in the room would you have sex with and why? If you are a male, which female would you have sex with and why?

Do you swallow or spit? Why?

Your lover has been magically transformed into an animal, and the only way to restore your lover is to mate with them. Which animal would turn you on the most?

Who has the biggest balls or pussy you've ever seen?

If you were a food what would you be and how would you be eaten?

Have you ever made an ass of yourself in front of someone you were interested in? Share the story.

What is the stupidest thing you've done because someone dared you to?

What question would you most dread to be asked?

If you could have anyone here in the room to be your slave, who would it be and what would you make them do?

If you were forced to perform a sexual act totally against your will, what would it be?

Describe the most dangerous or scary place you've ever had sex?

What's the largest number of people that have ever touched you while you were naked? Describe.

What vegetable do you find most erotic and why?

Describe a time you touched someone intimately that you didn't know.

Name your favourite sex position, and why.

Do you like face slapping? Why?

Tell about a time you had sex outside.

Describe a time you flashed someone, intentionally or not.

Stand up and without using words show us completely what body part you are most proud of.

Have you ever been paid for sex? If so, tell us the circumstances.

Tell us about a time you had sex with a vegetable.

What is your hottest fantasy? Have you acted on it?

Have you ever worn the opposite gender's underwear, and did you like it?

What are the most orgasms you've had in an hour? What were you doing?

Largest number of people have you had sex with in a day?

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done while drunk?

Describe the first time you faked an orgasm.

Do you take it up the ass? Do you want to?

Describe the place you most enjoyed sex in your life.

Describe a time you've watched someone else have sex.

Except for your partner, is there anyone here you would like to have sex with?

Excepting your partner, is there anyone here you have had sex with?

Describe a time you had sex publicly. Were you interrupted?

Tell us about one of your sex regrets.

Pick one person in the room and tell them what part of their anatomy you admire the most.

Describe a time you had sex on an elevator, if not the whole thing, how far?

Any tatoos or piercings? Show us.

Describe your most recent orgasm.

Tell us about the craziest place you ever had sex.

Tell us your favourite dirty joke.

What animal would you want to have sex with if you had to, and why?

How old were you when you first had sex with another person, and describe it.

What body part other than genitals and breasts do you fantasize about?

What do you feel like when you don't wear underwear?

Do you, or have you ever, dyed your pubic hair?

What is the largest number of people you have ever had sex with at one time?


*Single Dare – You’re on your own. Double Dare - Darer and Daree do the same thing. Quad Dare - Everyone in the room does the dare.*

Kiss the bare skin of someone in the room. Once you’ve chosen the person, the group will decide where the kiss will be.

Suck your own toe, your own nipple, or your own pick!

Choose one other player, same or opposite sex, to take a quick rinse in the shower with you. You both get wet and we all watch!

Lick the palm of the player to your right

Demonstrate how you masturbate

Play the next round in the lap of the person to your right

Do a face like you were angry and keep it that way until it’s your turn again

Using only kisses choose someone in the room (except your partner) and communicate to them how you feel about them

Put a blindfold on and let each person in the room touch you once in the spot of their choice

Say two really nice things about each player

Slow dance with the player on your left for one super cheesy song

Loose four items of clothing

Hump a pillow for 1 minute

Beg someone in the room to spank you

If any other player has tan lines, they must expose one of their choice and you must trace it with your tongue

Keep this Dare for one free Pass and draw again

Do the chicken dance

The rest of the group will set you up with two booze shots of their choice...bottom’s up!

Demonstrate your favorite sexual position alone with another person in the group (not your partner)

Lick the food of your choice off the body of someone in the group. They pick the spot.

Trade a piece of clothing with the person on your right

Kiss and lick a beer/wine/booze bottle as though you are giving a blowjob (yup...guys can do this one too)

Get on the floor and fake an orgasm in front of everybody. Convince us it’s real!

Get two slices of bread, take them and put them down the back of your underwear with one stuck to each butt cheek. Then pull undies back up, leaving it inside. Sit with it in and leave it in for 10 minutes.

Turn to the person to your left and give them a sample of your dirty pillow talk

Remove an article of clothing from the player on your right with your teeth

Suck on the finger(s) of someone in the room besides yourself

Leave the room.When you are gone the rest of the group will decide on the best (or worst) dare they can come up with. You will never know who came up with the dare.

Go out on the balcony and sing the "I'm a Little Teapot" song