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Victoria Event Centre

The Victoria Event Centre is Sagacity's official home and a wonderful downtown venue

Most of our events in 2008 will be held at the Victoria Event Centre.


The site is upstairs at 1415 Broad Street, and has a capacity of 250 people. A staffed bar, stage with built-in lighting and sound, and an excellent play floor and viewing area makes this a great new venue.

Find a map to this location at Mapquest.


This venue has no reserved parking spaces. You will be competing with other Saturday night denizens for space. If you know the downtown well, then you will probably do fine. If you do not, we suggest using one of the city's tasteful and relatively safe parking lots.

There is metered parking on Broad Street, pay parking across the street and there are a variety of city parkades located in the 600 blook of Fisgard Street, 700 block of Johnson Street, 500 block of Yates Street, 700 block of View Street. Evening parking on the street is free, and parking in the parkades after 6pm is $2.