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Birthday Bash


The Song

The theme song of the Birthday Bash, "Hooray Sagacity," with lyrics written by Ladyfish of Sagacity to the tune "Hooray for Hollywood." With loving apologies to Johnny Mercer and Richard Whitting, the original writer and composer.

If you're seeing this, you don't have a MIDI player on your computer. Midi transcription by Ted Keener

Hooray for Hollywood
Music by Richard A. Whiting ~ Lyrics by Ladyfish

Hooray Sagacity...

That crazy, pervy group Sagacity
Where any office boy...or busy housewife
Can find the good life by adding a wee little twist
Come find diversion, embrace perversion
Put your kinky friends at the top of your list!

Hooray Sagacity...
Where crops and whips are always such a hit
Where lifestyle choices can co-mix and mingle
In pairs and single, it doesn’t matter a wit
Come on and show your stuff...get all dressed up or buff
Hooray Sagacity

Hooray Sagacity…
That sharing, caring group Sagacity
A place where kinksters come to share some laughter
Both slave and Master, we’re all just havin’ some fun
With ropes and collars, loud yips and hollers
Synergy and scenes that delight everyone

Hooray Sagacity...
Eight years behind us now are history
We’ve come from six folks at a Tuesday meeting
To no more seating, we want the whole world to see
Come on and toast the best...looks like we’ve passed the test
Hooray Sagacity

© 1937, 2009