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Sagacity's 14th Birthday Reunion

Sagacity's famous Birthday Bash Weekends of past years are reflected in the exciting and entertaining Birthday Celebration to be held this year at Luxton Hall.

Ladyfish has cooked up a a veritable feast of entertainment, food, play, food, play, entertainment... You get the idea. This year, November 15th, 2014 will mark Sagacity's 14th birthday (not that we're telling). Join us for the best party of the year, with the great ambiance of Luxton Hall encouraging the most wild play on your favourite equipment (newly refurbished by Gord of Bound to Please and our very own Antoine).

Some of the best presenters on the coast, former Sagacity visitors, will be returning for reprises of their most exciting moments. And in case you work up an appetite, there will be bars and buffets to please the most voracious.

Don't miss this opportunity to mingle and play with your friends, and make new friends in the warm embrace of a Sagacity Birthday.


Visit Fetlife for more information about Sagacity's 14th Birthday Reunion.