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Esoteric Exchange of Sagacity

For folks that feel the need to include their mind in their play


Esoteric Exchange...a gathering of folks that are prepared to talk honestly and openly about their experiences and their emotions.

Esoteric Exchange is for folks who feel the need to include their mind in their play. Folks who have to try and keep their BDSM alive while dealing with work, family, and other vanilla responsibilities. Folks who are new to this lifestyle and folks that have been around for years. All ages (19+) and all proclivities.


We will have a specific topic that will be announced in advance. Obviously, if the topic is not something you are interested in you'll probably want to take a pass on the evening. You can keep on top of our topics (current and upcoming) by visiting our FetLife page.

Please RSVP with "EE" in the Subject line if you'd like to attend. Attendance is on a first-reserve basis. There will be a "waiting list." If you are on the list to attend and suddenly find you can't make it, please let us know ASAP so someone else can have your spot.